CBL Communication by light
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Gesellschaft für optische
Kommunikationssysteme mbH
CBL Communication by light GmbH

Time division multiplexer (TDM)

MultiMux 4E1 is a time division multiplexer. It combines the signals of four S2m/E1-ports to a common fiber optic cable. The unit comes as plug-and-play version in a desk to housing.


Technical daten MultiMux 4E1

User ports
4x2.048 MBit/s, G.703/704, 4-wire, 120 Ohm, RJ 45
Link port

 - Multimode cable
M13: 1300 nm, 5 km
 - Singlemode cable
S13L: 1310 nm, 25 km, 15 dB
S13H: 1310 nm, 50 km, 25 dB
S15H: 1550 nm, 100 km, 25 dB 
Fiber optic connector
2 x SC
Power supply
230 V, 50 Hz, 6 VA
Operating temperature
5..40 degrees C
900 g
130 mm x 25 mm x 240 mm